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CYMRU Fine Furniture & Accessories is a partnership of fine Welsh and Filipino craftsmanship located in Cebu City, Philippines. A family-owned and run business, the company was established by David and Joetrissa Maynard in 2004.

Over the years it has steadily built a reputation of producing furniture that stays true to traditional classics as well as keeping in with the current trends. As the company has progressed into the establishment it is today, it has managed to fine-tune and hone its skills in furniture making, using solid woods and veneers. Today the company specializes in fine carvings, high-class joinery, antique reproduction and custom-made furniture. Each piece is individually and personally inspected by the owner to ensure quality and customer satisfaction that each client deserves.



CYMRU Fine Furniture is aware of its social responsibility and of the current concerns for the environment. It currently offers an internship program with S.O.S. Children’s Village to provide the youth with valuable work skills to better equip them for the future. The company also strives to be environmentally aware as it utilizes its wood as economically as possible.

CYMRU Fine Furniture is fully committed to its social and environmental responsibilities, as it continues to expand and grow. By patronizing plantation forestry programs, the company does its part in helping save plant and animal habitats found in natural forests. The company has also worked with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in assisting with tree-planting to continue its effort for environmental responsibility.



As of 2012, Cymru Fine Furniture now has a 300 sq.m. showroom with a wide array of furniture designs from contemporary, country to traditional. The showroom is located in front of its factory in Canduman, Mandaue City.


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